Harambee Scholarship

In honor of Deborah Bailey

Deborah Bailey has been a longstanding friend of the College and also served on the Board of Trustees from 1993 to 2009, becoming vice-chair of the Board in 2008. The Harambee Scholarship was created to honor of Deborah Bailey’s many years of fine service to the College and also her commitment to international students at Warren Wilson.

In Swahili “harambee” means “working together in unity.” The purpose of this scholarship is to provide recognition and financial assistance to outstanding international undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in Warren Wilson College who have a demonstrated need for funds to meet their necessary college expenses.

The initial principal of this fund is $25,000 has been received by Warren Wilson College through pledges from Ross Arnold and Richard Blomgren. Additional contributions have been added to this fund and may be made by interested persons or organizations. If you are interested in contributing please email advancement@warren-wilson.edu or call 828-771-2042.

Warren Wilson College is forever grateful Deborah’s dedication to the College and especially for her enthusiasm for and generous support of international students at Warren Wilson College.

Quote from Tabaitha:

“It is just wonderful, how much Deborah Bailey means in my life. One thing that I really admire about her is that she does not only care about my academics, she cares about me as a whole person and also about my family. She is very goal oriented and I admire that a lot about her. And she is very understanding. She is more of a mother than a sponsor to me. She is awesome and I really thank God for her, to say the least.”