Homer and Helen Jones Scholarship

Homer Jones worked for the Board of National Missions during the 1960’s and early 1970’s and came to know and love Warren Wilson College during those years. He and his wife, Helen, worked diligently for over thirty years to tell the "Warren Wilson Story" to people and foundations all over the country who they felt might be interested in supporting our Triad approach of education through academics, work and service. For years they brought groups of people to the campus every fall and spring to spend time and to meet students, staff and faculty. They also hosted receptions and dinners in their hometown of Princeton, NJ and the surrounding area. Their many friends and family members honored them by establishing the Homer and Helen Jones Scholarship Fund. The earnings from this fund help deserving students with demonstrated financial need and will, in perpetuity, be a tribute to a couple who worked diligently to assure the College’s survival.