John and Inez Watson Scholarship

The John and Inez Watson Scholarship was established in 2010 by the seven children of John and Inez Watson: Wilmer, Neva W. Newlin, Reva W. Dietrich, Dale, Lowell, Gary, and Cheryl W. Davenport. Five of the children graduated from Warren Wilson: Wilmer ’51, Neva and Reva ’53, Dale ’56, and Lowell ’63. Cheryl transferred in 1968 after two years at Warren Wilson. Additionally, one granddaughter, Karen W. Marberger, graduated from WWC in 1974 and another granddaughter, Elaine D. Thoms, attended for two years before transferring in 1977.

The family created the scholarship to honor their parents, who were strong supporters of education. John and Inez Watson’s highest priority was that each of their seven children go to college.

“This scholarship is a wonderful way to memorialize our parents. This is a couple who dedicated their lives to the success of their children and community,” says Neva. “Education was the biggest component of their plan for success. The family resources were dedicated to us. The memory of their selfless sacrifice and hard work is very humbling.”

The Watson siblings value the education they received while attending Warren Wilson and hope their generous remembrance of their parents will help students who otherwise might not be able to attend the College.

“With this scholarship, perhaps we can make a difference in whether a person goes to college. Our parents were interested in educating children for a principled life of meaning.” Neva says. Adds Dale, “If they had had the opportunity, I think they would have chosen to go to college.”

The John and Inez Watson Scholarship is awarded based on satisfactory academic records and demonstrated financial need.