Grover Payne Memorial Scholarship

Grover Payne was born in Madison County, NC near the town of Marshall.  He grew up on the family farm where he developed a strong interest in the livestock business. After World War II he returned to Western North Carolina and began working for the US Postal Service, continued running the family farm, and also became involved in the seed business. He came to know and admire Ernst Laursen, the Warren Wilson Farm Manager from 1957-1996. Throughout the years of their friendship, Mr. Payne saw the Warren Wilson College approach to education through academics, work and service have a positive effect on the lives of students from all over the world. Mr. Payne, who passed away in 1986, established a trust through his will, and a beneficiary of that trust is Warren Wilson College. The stipend distributed through this trust annually is "to be used for the benefit of children from Western North Carolina who are hard pressed and working to attend Warren Wilson College, which sum shall be Ernst Laursen, or his successor, in his discretion, shall designate."