facilities Holden Visual Arts Center

Holden Visual Arts Center

This building, named for Reuben A. Holden, a former president of the college, was dedicated in 1986. The 10,000 square foot building houses two instructional studios, several photography darkrooms, a 45-seat auditorium, the Elizabeth Holden Gallery, and faculty offices. A student work crew assists with the operation of the facility, and crew members work as assistants to the facility.

3D Studio

3-D Studio

The 3-D Studio is located adjacent to the Holden Visual Arts Center main building. This building has ceramics and sculpture studios as well as an outdoor kiln area and foundry. A student work crew assists with the operation and maintenance of the facility.

Lucy Fletcher Studios

Lucy Fletcher Studios

This building houses painting and drawing studios on the upper level. The lower level contains studios for senior art majors.