Welcome Alumni!

Through the years, in good job markets and bad, Warren Wilson alumni have been involved in helping students and fellow alumni chart their course. In a very real sense, you are the best resources to help prepare students for the transition from Warren Wilson. Your experience, your credibility, your understanding of the power of the Triad and your advice are invaluable as complements to the programs, services and resources offered here on campus. Please join us in a partnership helping Warren Wilson students make that challenging transition from college to career. We love having you on our team!

Services for Alumni

      Career and Graduate School Advising

      Networking with Fellow Alumni

Services to Help Students

    Post a Job or Summer Internship for Warren Wilson Students

    Offer a Sophomore Externship 

    Talk with Your Employer About On-campus Recruitment

    Offer Summer Housing

    Visiting Campus?

    Serve as a Career Mentor