Chad Riley '00

Major: Community Sustainability Development
Work Crew: Landscaping
Current Job: Independent Contractor in Sustainable Real Estate Development, Former Director of Finance and Strategy at Living City Block

Chad Riley came to Wilson planning to major in English but changed his major after seeing Amory Lovins from Rocky Mountain Institute give a talk on campus during his sophomore year. He then worked on developing his new major – Sustainable Community Development.

"What I learned from the process of creating my own major and the work ethic instilled in me from the work program have proved to be essential in my entrepreneurial pursuits. I use a lot of the analytical skills and independent thinking that I developed at WWC on a day to day basis."

After graduating and leaving Wilson, Chad began work with the Rocky Mountain Institute. During his time there he helped conceive Living City Block, a 501(c) non-profit organization that seeks to create regenerative urban communities. Riley and his colleagues worked with communities to implement the framework they developed to help create regenerative and resilient cities that are culturally thriving, energy and resource super-efficient, and economically sustainable. Chad is currently an independent contractor in the field of sustainable real estate development.