Charley Wilson '04

Major: Biology
Work Crew: Auto-Shop
Current Job: Founder of Organic Mechanic

After graduating, Charley Wilson founded the Organic Mechanic, a repair shop that focuses on environmental stewardship. “When I was at Wilson, I worked on a lot of faculty and student cars. After I graduated, I continued to do that. Then I realized what I had was a business. Most of the concepts formulated at the Organic Mechanic I got in school. I majored in biology and had an interest in bioremediation.”

Charley says that when came to Wilson he was pretty cynical about environmental issues and his ability to make an impact, but he found support and encouragement here that lead him to find his own way. “You have to think of the impact locally. It’s a process…And you have to be practical. I think my shop is a good example of that."