Donna Kilpatrick '88

Major: Literature
Work Crew: farm / swine crew leader
Service: Agro-forestry in Costa Rica
Current Job: Heifer International

Who knew a literature major could end up working for Heifer International? Donna Kilpatrick did just this, commenting “Warren Wilson College profoundly and radically changed my path in life.” Donna worked on the farm all throughout her years at Warren Wilson, and also became leader of the swine crew. For service she went to Costa Rica and worked with an agro-forestry program, proceeding to work at a dairy farm in Costa Rica where milk was carted by oxen to a processing plant. The skills and knowledge Donna gained from the farm at Wilson are essential to her career. She now works for Heifer International’s Learning Center at Overlook Farm, giving farming animals to poor rural communities around the world while simultaneously implementing an intense training process to teach such communities methods to utilize their livestock. Donna Kilpatrick says her work crew experiences at Warren Wilson opened up all the doors that made working at Heifer International possible.


Donna Kilpatrick