Morgan Williams '08

Major: Biology
Work Crew: Farm/Garden/Chemistry
Current Job: Founder of Flux Farm Foundation and Chief Science Officer for Biochar Solutions, Inc.

The high plains of the Rocky Mountains provided homesteaders with a profitable niche in the national livestock market when the railroad came through in the late 1800s. Meat prices, however, have not kept up with the increased cost of ranching on the high prairies. Morgan Williams, '08, sought a way to save the ranches while also addressing the environmental need for less carbon and more renewable energy sources. He founded the Flux Farm Foundation, a 501(c) non-profit organization that gives landowners in the Intermountain West profitable, research-driven methods to use carbon sequestration technologies and produce renewable energy on farms and ranches.

Morgan was drawn to Warren Wilson for its sustainable agriculture program and its farm and garden work crews. During his senior year, Williams worked on developing his foundation. "What I learned in sustainable agriculture and the physical sciences proved to be very helpful. I use a lot of the analytical skills that I learned at WWC. All of these skills; tractor work, irrigation, have been useful in developing and managing multi-year agronomic research trials with grasses and biochar."

Morgan is currently a PhD student at the University of California at Berkeley studying Soil Science.

.Morgan Williams