Nathan Ballantine '08

Major: Community Organizing and Leadership
Work Crew: Landscaping
Service: Food Pantry in Swannanoa/ Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church
Current Job: Tallahassee Food Garden

Nathan Ballantine is a part food gardener, part educator, part community food organizer. From creating raised vegetable gardens, planting fruit trees, installing herb gardens, and developing edible landscapes, to supporting community and school gardens, offering food gardening workshops, and volunteering and fundraising for local food security initiatives. He is an urban agricultural social entrepreneur.

Nathan was awarded Warren Wilson College's 2013 Distinguished Community Service award.

I started a social enterprise that I call Tallahassee Food Garden. This has provided a platform to for me to earn a living, doing something I love. WWC helped me to have the confidence to think I could try something like this on my own. When I worked on the Landscaping Crew we created an edible landscape and by my second year I was the crew leader. It was conferred on me that even if I didn’t know it all, I knew enough to get by and keep going and keep learning.”