Rebecca Rudicell '05

Major: Biology and Chemistry
Work: Auto Shop and Chemistry
Current: Research Investigator at Sanofi

Rudicell earned her PhD in Mircobiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she in the lab of Beatrice Hahn, M.D., one of the pioneers of HIV research. She currently works with Sanofi, a leading global healthcare company that discovers, develops, produces and markets innovative therapies to help protect health and enhance people's lives.

Rudicell has spent the three years studying simian immunodeficiency virus in chimpanzees SIVcpz from chimp feces collected off the forest floor in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park. Not surprisingly, the research by Rudicell and colleagues is receiving widespread attention. She is one of the co-authors of a journal article presenting the finding in Nature, the highly respected international weekly journal of science.

“I’m very grateful for the education I received at WWC,” Rudicell wrote in the email. And, she noted, “I think fondly of the chemistry lounge and the friendly environment.”