Sara Benincasa '05

Work Crew: Heavy Duty/ Res Life/ Cowpie/ Writing Center
Service: Outreach Clinic for Migrant Workers
Current Job: Freelance Editor/ Comedy Writer

 I was a terrible janitor on the Maintenance Crew my first year at Wilson. In my second year, I was an R.A. in Sunderland. I also worked at the Cowpie Cafe for extra money, and was a member of the Writing Crew. 

I travel the country today to speak to college students about mental health, suicide prevention and good self-care. Wilson has such caring, involved mental health providers. If I were a parent with a child who had dealt with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or addiction, I would feel very happy knowing that he or she was at Wilson. The community really keeps tabs on you and cares. If I remember correctly, there is a brick outside the work program office that reads, "You saved me." I think this is true for a lot of people who end up at Wilson.

In addition to freelancing as an editor, I blog for Wonkette and Comedy Central's political humor site, Indecision Forever, part of the Daily Show/Colbert Report brand. Comedy has taken me from Los Angeles to Austin to Oslo, and I hope my book takes me on even more traveling adventures.