Sunshine Brosi '99

Major: Environmental Studies
Work Crew: Forestry
Current Job: PhD and Assistant Professor, Ethnobotany, Wildlife and Fisheries

Dr. Sunshine L. Brosi '99 is an assistant professor of Biology at Frostburg State University in western Maryland. She coordinates and teaches courses within the undergraduate Ethnobotany major; one of only two programs in the United States.

While at Warren Wilson she completed two internships with the Environmental Leadership Center. She had an internship with the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, and The Nature Conservancy, North Carolina Chapter, Asheville, NC (1998).

She went on to earn a Master’s of Science in Forestry from The University of Kentucky where she studied American chestnut restoration on surface mines and timber harvest areas with a focus on artificial regeneration (2001). She received a PhD in Natural Resources from The University of Tennessee (2010). Her research focused on butternut including endroecology, molecular biology, and restoration protocols for species at risk due to exotic pathogens.