Why a Warren Wilson Student/Graduate

Our educational program, the Triad, is unlike any other in the country. The Triad consists of three interwoven strands of experience: academics in the liberal arts tradition, a campus-wide work program, and service within the community. Our Triad is infused with a sustainability ethic and cross-cultural understanding – integral parts of the College’s history and founding philosophy.

Students gain a meaningful, enriching education that feeds their intellectual hunger and empowers them to collaborate and problem-solve in real-world situations. Led by faculty and staff, students acquire knowledge in the classroom, in the forest and fields, and in the wider community – locally and internationally. In short, the Triad teaches the whole student.

Our students learn by doing: researching and crafting a “Swannanoa Journal” radio essay that speaks to a topic of local concern, teaching environmental enrichment to third-graders through the College’s EcoTeam, finding and conserving rare foods at a Native Foods workshop.

Graduates leave Warren Wilson with a varied and valuable skill set. They leave with a sense of connectedness, confidence, accountability, and perspective. They leave with the knowledge that their passions will take them places. They leave prepared to do more, for the world and themselves.