My student doesn't have a major or wants to change their major. Will they get behind?

Most students will change their majors at least one time during their college careers. At least 25% of Warren Wilson’s entering first year students are still exploring what their major will be. The Career Development Center encourages exploratory students to explore major and career options based on their interests, skills, personality and values.

Because 40 to 45 hours of an undergraduate degree consist of general education credits, there are ways for students to design their course schedules so that they don’t “fall behind.” An exploratory student should work closely with their Academic Advisor and Triad Advisor to make wise choices about course selection.

There are many resources available at The Career Development Center to assist exploratory students with their major and career goals including individual appointments, a major exploration class (Me, Myself and My Major) and assessments. Encourage your student to visit The Career Development Center and get started with a career counseling appointment.