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Nation's leading website devoted to helping individuals find the jobs they are seeking in the public sector.

American Federal Jobs Digest listings

Federal vacancy announcements and news of Federal hiring.

Job Listings with Roll Call

From Capitol Hill hearing rooms to campaign war rooms, from the White House to the House and Senate floors, CQ Roll Call covers Congress, inside and out.

Job posting site for employment opportunities in law.

Public Service Careers

Jobs that have been listed on span all sectors and levels: federal, state, county, and local government; nonprofit organizations and associations; think tanks and research organizations; academia; consulting; and the private sector.

Union Jobs Clearinghouse

Central site for posting the open positions in unions and socially allied organizations that are now accepting applications.

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research Internships

An opportunity to work with some of America's most renowned scholars, economists, political scientists, and foreign policy specialists conducting reserach on today's prominent public policy questions.

Careers in California Government

Information for individuals interested in state employment

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

One of the leading organizations in the country working on public policy issues affecting low-income families and individuals.