Choosing a Major/Career

  Building Your Warren Wilson Career Network

Getting Started

 Talking to people and learning from their experiences needn’t be a formal process or one you practive only when job hunting. There are numerous resources available enabling you to pinpoint the people you’d like to contact.

 ·        Warren Wilson Alumni are an excellent source of information, and you are guaranteed to have at least one thing in common: Warren Wilson. A Warren Wilson Alumni Network is available online through OWLink and via LinkedIn. OWLink in an electronic database containing alumni profiles, while LinkedIn is a professional social network with hundred of Warren Wilson alumni. We recommend that you register for OWLink and join LinkedIn.

·        Professors can provide a wealth of information about specific disciplines they have encountered through their research or community involvement. Faculty are also often a good resource for those considering attending graduate school.

·        Friends, family, supervisors, co-workers, coaches and acquaintances. Chat with people casually—on a plane or bus, while waiting in lines, at social gatherings etc. Join a professional organization in your field and get involved. Most people enjoy talking about the work they do. Curiosity can open a lot of doors.

·        People you have heard about: lecturers, employers, prominent people in the community etc.

·        Reading trade magazines and newspapers also provides a networking resource. Authors of articles, and those features in articles, are potential contacts. If you have done a thorough analysis of an article or profile, and convey that knowledge in a letter, you might be surprised by the kind of positive response you get.

 In practice, you’ll incorporate a great many more people into your efforts than the one person hiring you. In fact, the more people you involve, the better. It is essential for you to develop a network of people who are within your area of interest.