Choosing a Major/Career

  Plan For Career Success

First Year
  • Get off to a good academic start. Enroll in required courses and chooseelective courses that capitalize on your natural talents and interests.
  • Look at academic department websites to learn about various college majors and their requirements.
  • Discover Warren Wilson resources including Career Services, Counseling Center, Academic Support, Work Program Office and Service Learning Program.
  • Explore majors and careers at Career Services:
          • Take the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessments
          • Meet with a career counselor
          • Enroll in the Me, Myself and My Major course term 2 or 4
          • Use the Selecting a Major Handbook
  • Participate in campus co-curricular activities.
  • Register with OWLink to look for summer opportunities and familiarize yourself with the system
  • Begin thinking about how your service engagements and and work crew assignment inform what you know about yourself. Think about which crew will service your interests next year.
  • Think of college as a preparation for life: take responsibility for your own career development. Don't wait until you are a senior to start planning for life after college.

Sophomore Year
  • Talk to professionals in career fields you are considering. Use Career Services Guide to the Interview.
  • Get to know faculty in a major of interest. They can discuss career options and provide a letter of reference when you apply for a job or to graduate school
  • Meet with a career counselor if still undecided.
  • Participate in the Sophomore Externship Program
  • Investigate Study Abroad Programs
  • Start identifying part-time and summer employment, service positions or internships in your areas of interest.
  • Develop a professional quality resume and use OWLink to access summer job and internship opportunities. Attend Summer JAM (Jobs and More).
  • Search Career Services' calendar and attend workshops or other events posted.
  • Consider your work crew assignment for next year and plan to engage deeply in service.

Junior Year
  • Obtain related experience in your field through part-time employment, internships, practicum, field work, or service.
  • Update your profile and resume in OWLink to search for opportunities.
  • Enroll in Me, Myself and My Fututre course terms 1 or 3, attend workshops, and schedule a mock interview to prepare for your search.
  • Utilize Career Service's graduate school resources and workshops to research schools and programs; set deadlines for required steps.
  • Explore fellowship opportunities.
  • Choose electives to enhance your qualifications, especially your oral and written communications skills.
  • Seek leadership positions in your work crew assignment, service engagement and co-curricular activities.

Senior Year
  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor in Career Services to develop a post- Warren Wilson strategy.
  • Participate in networking activities such as the Alumni Connections Social.
  • Research organizations and start looking for opportunities at the beginning of fall semester.
  • Submit resumes to job postings trough OWLink. Follow up with other job postings in the system.
  • Meet required deadlines for graduate/professional school and create a back-up plan.
  • Remember that you can use Career Services as an alumna/us.