Fellowship Opportunities

  Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship

Liaison:  Janet Doyle, Advancement Office
Office:  Orr 207
x6376 (828) 771-6376
Website: www.rotary.org

More than 30,000 men and women from 100 nations have studied abroad through the Rotary Foundation's Ambassadorial Scholarship program. The Rotary Foundation oversees the $26 million program which provided grants to more than 1,100 students last year. Recipients came from 69 countries and studied in more than 64 nations.

Furthering international understanding and friendly relations among the world's peoples, the scholarship program funds both undergraduate and graduate students. Upon returning home, scholars share their experiences with Rotarians and others.

While there is no internal Warren Wilson process for the Rotary Ambassadorial Fellowship, you are encouraged to let the Liaison know that you are applying, and you are welcome to seek our help during the application process. The Warren Wilson Liaison can put you in touch with our local Richmond Rotary contact.

Who May Apply
All applicants must be citizens of a country in which there are Rotary clubs and must have completed at least two years of college-level coursework or demonstrate equivalent professional experience before commencing their scholarship studies. Persons with disabilities and members of Rotaract clubs are eligible and encouraged to apply. Applicants for the Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarship must be proficient in the language of the proposed host country. The scholarship is not appropriate for students seeking to continue studies already begun at a foreign institution.

Eligibility Limitations
Initial application must be made through a Rotary club in the applicant's legal or permanent residence or place of full-time study or employment. Candidates cannot be Rotarians, Honorary Rotarians, or employees of a club, district, or other Rotary entity or of Rotary International. Spouses, lineal descendants (child or grandchild by blood or legal adoption), spouses of lineal descendants, and ancestors (parent or grandparent by blood) of persons in the foregoing categories are also ineligible. Academic-Year Scholarships may be used for almost any field of study but cannot be used for unsupervised research, medical internships or residencies, or employment. Scholars planning to pursue medical studies will not be permitted to engage in hands-on procedures or direct-care patient services during the scholarship period.

Award Descriptions and Duration
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships support study or training in another country or territory in which there are Rotary clubs, but not in the sponsoring Rotary country or district. Although applicants provide their preferred study locations, the Rotary Foundation Trustees reserve the right to make assignments to any suitable institution to ensure the widest possible geographical distribution of scholars. Each scholar is responsible for applying directly to the assigned study institution, gaining admission, obtaining required visas, and making travel arrangements. The scholarship may not be used in conjunction with a study-abroad program affiliated with a home country institution.

Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships provide funding for one academic year of study in another country. This award is intended to help cover round-trip transportation, tuition, fees, room and board expenses, and the cost of educational supplies. Applicants for Academic-Year Scholarships whose native language is not that of the proposed study country must submit evidence of ability to read, write, and speak the language of that country.

Application Requirements and Variable Deadlines
Interested applicants must apply for Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships through their local Rotary club. Only your local club can provide specific information on deadlines. Consult RI's
Club Locator application for contact information for Rotary clubs.

Application Process for Applicants for a sample scholarships timeline.