Sophomore Externship Program

  Participant Responsibilities


Once you confirm your acceptance to the program then it is your responsibility to contact the alumna/alumnus to complete the Learning Contract. This contract will establish expectations for both you and the externship sponsor, provide focus to the work you will be asked to complete, and begin to build the relationship between you and the mentor. The Learning Contract is then returned to Career Services and will be reviewed with the student in early December. Once you are accepted into the Externship program, you are committed and are expected to complete the externship assignment.

  Prior to the externship you will meet twice with a Career Services staff member to prepare for the experience. Discussions will address professional etiquette, expectations, and goal setting.

  You will need to pay for travel expenses to the externship site and for any incidental expenses. You will need to coordinate your arrival and departure with the externship sponsor.

  You will attend work with your externship sponsor for at least 8-10 days. This will give you a glimpse into the career field. While on the site you will be responsible to observe and conduct informational interviews with key professionals at the site. You will also engage in meaningful work that is agreed upon by you and the sponsor in the Learning Contract.

  You will also be responsible for posting reflections and observations to MOODLE, a classroom discussion board. A staff member in Career Services will post directive questions for reflection and encourage open dialogue.

  Outside of the externship, you should find time to engage with the alumna/alumnus. Home time is important and quite crucial to developing the relationship. This is the opportunity to ask questions about the alums process of vocational discernment and seek words of advice.

  As is with any program assessment is extremely valuable therefore, you and the sponsor will complete a formal evaluation. Your evaluation will focus on program elements, placement and include a self-appraisal. The sponsor’s evaluation will focus on program elements as well as an evaluation of the student’s performance. The reflection project and site evaluations are to be completed and submitted to Career Services by the last week of January.