Sophomore Externship Program

  What is the Sophomore Externship Program?


    An externship is an opportunity to engage in practice based learning by actively participating in a field of interest. It is very similar to an internship but is of a short duration. These are not done for academic credit and are unpaid.

   The Sophomore Externship Program places you in an externship for the two weeks after the New Year and before classes begin second semester.  Career Services has established specific externship sites with alumni of the College. You will accompany the alumna/us to work and also live with the alumna/us for a homestay.

   By participating in the Sophomore Experience Program you will be able to receive a firsthand look at the workplace in a career of your interest, make valuable networking contacts and have the opportunity to see how classroom learning can be applied to real world situations. You will shadow an experienced member of an organization or company while he or she performs daily tasks. The externship gives you a taste of a potential career.