Post Graduate Positions

  Job Search

Conducting a job search during your senior year takes a great deal of time, energy, and organization. The Career Services Office can assist you with every aspect of the process, including:

Things to Consider

Develop an action plan made up of a series of small steps. Break down your job search into small tasks that seem doable and not overwhelming. The job search is a cumulative process; fifteen minutes every day beginning in September will get you further than 35 hours over a weekend in May.

Budget your money wisely and prepare for expenses. Airline tickets, an interview outfit, resume paper, postage - all these expenses add up and can be an unpleasant surprise. So, think ahead and plan your budget accordingly.

Visit the Career Services Office or call 828-771-3759 to schedule an appointment with an advisor. Many of the resources linked to our site will also provide you with information, employer leads and tools for conducting a successful job search.

Click here to access our handbook on The Job Search Adventure.