Presenting Yourself

  List of References

The majority of employers will ask for just the names of references that they will contact prior to making you an offer. Typically they will ask for three references. You should always ask permission of persons serving as your references before providing their name and contact information to an employer.

Employers want references who can attest to you as an employee, so current or previous supervisors/employers are best. However, it's perfectly acceptable to use references other than your past employers. Crew supervisors, professors, academic advisors, internship and service supervisors can all make good references. Be prepared with a list of references complete with:


Letters of Recommendation

Graduate and professional schools and some types of employers, particularly in areas of education or research, will request letters of recommendation. Typically, you will request letters of recommendation from faculty for graduate and professional school and from a combination of faculty and previous employers/supervisors for employment. Three letters of recommendation is standard. In general, the following guidelines apply: