Partnership Sites

If you are interested in an internship at one of the WWC partnership sites, following are some details you’ll want to know before applying. Our partnerships are noted on our website and OWLink, and we are continuously adding more sites. Not only are our partners eager and excited to employ Wilson students, we believe these sites provide positive and unique learning experiences that are hard to find elsewhere.

Application Process

First, take a look at OWLink or our partnership page to decide in what position(s) you are interested. As you search, please set up a meeting with Cristina Lawson,, Internship Program Coordinator, to talk through the process and expectations.

The application process is unique for all of our partners, so look to their personal website and OWLink for specific information. Remember: the CDC is available to aid you through all of your internship search and application needs.

Responsibilities and Expectations

Once you have received an internship from one of our partners, you will be expected to commit to the following process:

Orientation: Prior to your internship, you must participate in an orientation, facilitated through the Career Development Center. Orientation will explain the aims of the Warren Wilson Internship Program and your responsibilities and prepare you for your experience.

Experience: During your internship, you will be expected to:

  • Designate an on-site supervisor to whom you will consistently report throughout your time at the site
  • Complete a Learning Contract, focused on developing goals and learning outcomes for your internship
  • Finalize your Job Description
  • Maintain contact with the Career Development Center, via email or phone
Reflection: Upon conclusion of your internship, you will be expected to complete a(n):
  • Performance evaluation with your on-site supervisor
  • Self-assessment
  • Evaluation of your experience at your internship site
Recognition: Once the internship and tasks above are completed, you will receive an Internship Designation on your WWC transcript. This is a great way to show future employers and graduate schools your accomplishment.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Career Development Center,, with any questions or help you may need.