Internship Process

If you are interested in an internship, following is information on the program, your options, and how to get involved.

Finding an Internship

First, take a look at OWLink or our partnership page to decide in what position(s) you are interested. As you search, please set up a meeting with Cristina Lawson,, Internship Program Coordinator, to talk through the process and expectations. If you already have an internship lined up, congratulations! Talk to Cristina to see if the internship experience qualifies for the WWC Internship Program.

The application process is unique for all employers, so look to their personal website and OWLink for specific application information. Remember: the CDC is available to aid you through all of your internship search and application needs.

Responsibilities and Expectations

All students interested in the program must be willing to complete the following:

Orientation: Prior to your internship, you must participate in an orientation, facilitated through the Career Development Center. Orientation will explain the aims of the Warren Wilson Internship Program and your responsibilities and prepare you for your experience.

Experience: During your internship, you will be expected to:

  • Designate an on-site supervisor to whom you will consistently report throughout your time at the site
  • Complete a Learning Contract, focused on developing goals and learning outcomes for your internship
  • Finalize your Job Description
  • Maintain contact with the Career Development Center, via email or phone
Reflection: Upon conclusion of your internship, you will be expected to complete a(n):
  • Performance evaluation with your on-site supervisor
  • Self-assessment
  • Evaluation of your experience at your internship site

Why you should be involved:

We are connected: The Career Development Center has many opportunities to help you find your internship. We also currently have a list of partnerships with employers who will provide a quality internship experience.

It's recognized: Once the internship and tasks above are completed, you will receive an Internship Designation on your WWC transcript. This is a great way to show future employers and graduate schools your accomplishment.

You can get course credit: If interested, you will also be able to gain academic credit for your internship. More information on your options for credit will be posted later this semester.


For more information, or to get involved, reach out to Cristina Lawson,, to schedule an appointment.