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August 26, 2011

Crepuscular Rays - Dawn of a New Day
This magnificent sunrise on August 17, 2011 is enhanced by the crepuscular rays, a fan-like pattern emanating from the Sun's position.  The Sun normally lights the sky, but the intermittent clouds cast shadows into the sky.  The fan-like appearance of the shadow bands is simply an illusion.  Because the Sun is a great distance from the Earth, the shadow bands are actually parallel.  The apparent convergence of the paralel rays is analogous to the apparent convergence of parallel railroad tracks in a perspective view (see a good student discussion on PPOW for Dec. 15, 2006).  In this case these rays are not only parallel, but they are also horizontal because the Sun is actually on the horizon.  The true horizon is a bit difficult to determine in the mountains, however

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