Pen Pals

In the past, EMPOWER teamed up with Tranzmission Prison Books in Asheville to provide Warren Wilson students (and, well, anyone else who would like to join) with an outside perspective on life. Every other week students met in the EMPOWER center to write LGBTQI folks who are imprisoned in America, and talk about our experiences. Students received two hours of service for every meeting.

Meeting Schedule

Currently, EMPOWER no longer hosts this due to lack of interest in volunteering or organizing the meetings.

More About Tranzmission

Tranzmission Prison Books is a volunteer-run group that works to support LGBTQI prisoners. We offer books, zines, information, resources, and pen pals exclusively to those that fall under the trans and queer umbrellas, IE lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, trans, queers, questioners, intersex, two-spirit, and gender-variant folks. We focus on these individuals because we feel this is a seriously marginalized part of the population that have limited services and support available to them.

Our pen pal program is intended to connect LGBTQI prisoners with folks on the outside for friendship and support. Our program is currently overflowed with requests from folks needing pen pals so if you have the time to commit to a new friend it is greatly appreciated.

Our book program is comprised of 5-6 of us meeting weekly at a house in Asheville each week and sitting down and filling requests for books from a small library of donated books.

If you are interested in revitalizing this program please email Lukas here.