Women's Circle

The Women's Circle is a gathering of women for the purpose of listening, role modeling, reacting, laughing, crying, drawing upon experience, and sharing the wisdom of experience. Women in this circle support each other and discover themselves, through conversation and exercises that focus on confidence building and individual and group empowerment. This is a place where women can feel safe, equal and powerful and exchange skills, encouragement and ideas about how to be strong, empowered women.

We meet every Friday 1 Wednesday in the Stephson from 8-9:30pm so please come join us if you are female-identified!

It is currently being operated by De'Andrea Lottier, so please contact her at dlottier@warren-wilson.edu for more information.

Meeting Schedule

Fall 2012 Schedule

September 12

September 26

October 10

October 24

November 7

November 21

December 5