The Federal Direct PLUS Loan is a low-interest loan designed to provide graduate students with additional funds for college. The maximum eligibility amount per academic year is the school’s estimated cost of attendance minus other student financial aid. For the 2013-2014 academic year, the interest on the Direct PLUS is 6.41%. The U.S. Department of Education will withhold an origination fee of 4.288% of the total loan amount.

In order for us to certify your Direct PLUS loan, you must complete a three-step process:
1.  Sign and return requested paperwork. This includes the Federal Direct GRADUATE PLUS LOAN REQUEST FORM
2.  Complete Grad PLUS Entrance Counseling with Direct Loan Servicing.
This is a twenty-minute online tutorial specifically designed to acquaint first-time Direct PLUS borrowers with their rights and responsibilities for this educational loan.* If you have previously borrowed at Warren Wilson College, you will not need to complete entrance counseling with Direct Loan Servicing.
3.  Complete a Grad PLUS Loan Application with the Federal Department of Education.  Please remember that the Grad PLUSloan is credit-based and that you have to have your loan approved.  Please go to www.studentloans.gov, login using your FAFSA PIN #, and click on "Request PLUS Loan" to begin the application process.  If the credit is approved, you will be instructed to complete the MPN online.
  * If you have previously borrowed at Warren Wilson College, you  will  not need to complete a new MPN.

Entrance Counseling:  www.studentloans.gov
MPN:  www.studentloans.gov