Here are a variety of ways to schedule to talk to a counselor. Please utilize the one that is best for you.


·  You can schedule by email: simply email a message to Art Shuster ( or Jil Meadows ( with a few general times and days which would fit your schedule. Art or Jil will return your message to confirm and appointment time.

·  You may call Art (3773) or Jil (3905). If you get voice mail. please leave a message with your extension number and they will call back as soon as possible to make appointment arrangements.

·  You may come over to the Counseling Center (same stone building as the Health Center, enter the door by the porch swing overlooking the Pavilion. Enter the Counseling Center and turn left. In the hallway is a board with sign-up sheets for Art and Jil labeled "this week" and "next week". Reserve an appointment time by placing your initials in the appropriate time slot.

·  For Critical or Emergency situations, do not hesitate to knock on our doors or call our emergency numbers.
         -Art (cell 828-230-3712)
         -Jil (cell 828-216-8996)