Meet the Counselors


  Art Shuster

Art's formal training includes a BSW from Warren Wilson and a MSW from the University of South Carolina, with significant additional training in clinical social work and addictions treatment.He has worked as a mental health professional/therapist since 1991, closing his private practice to join the WWC community full time in 2000. His informal training includes experiences making donuts, playing bluegrass in Slovenia, racing bicycles for cash, and unlocking cars for AAA. He often contemplates the dynamics of change, stategies to maximize hope, and strives to honor the spirit.




  Jil Meadows

Jil received a BA in English from Warren Wilson, then attended Smith College where she earned her MSW despite completing her Master's thesis on the subject of Deadheads. Jil believes in the power of hope and faith, the necessity of knowledge and support, and the usefulness of humor to facilitate positive change. She also believes that a good CD collection should not be underestimated.