Room Lottery & Single Room Q & A


Several questions typically come up about the room selection process or the Room Lottery. This information will attempt to clear up some confusion about what takes place and how it happens.

What happens at the lottery? Am I randomly assigned to a new room?

No. Though we call it a "lottery," it is really the time when you and/or your chosen roommate (if applicable) pick your own room for next semester. We'll call out names according to our priority list (based on seniority, according to your current class standing, not what you'll be next semester.) Then, when your name(s) is (are) called, you pick your new room from whatever rooms are available.

My roommate and I have a specific dorm or room in mind that we want. Should we tell Housing when we register?

If you want to live in Shepard there is a separate application process. Otherwise, it makes no difference to the process what room you want right now. What matters is the rooms that are available when your name is called for your turn to pick.

If the lottery starts at 5:30 should I get there early to improve my chances at a better room?

No. You'll receive an "invitation" after you tell us that you want a new room, which should have an approximate arrival time listed. The earlier you arrive before that time, the longer wait for your turn you'll likely have.

I know of six other people wanting new rooms who have the same priority as me. How do you decide who goes first?

That's the "lottery" part of it. We'll draw names and numbers at random to determine who gets to pick first among equal priorities. This will be done in the Housing Office ahead of time.

What should I do if I can't be there when I need to be?

Either you OR your roommate-to-be should be there. If you know that neither one of you can be there, ask someone you trust to pick your new room.

What happens if there are no empty rooms available to pick from in a dorm I want?

Pick a room in another place, to make sure you have some place to live. Then, put your name(s) on a waiting list for whatever dorm you want. We can't promise that there will be additional openings later on, but it does happen sometimes.

How does the waiting list work?

Put your names on as many dorm waiting lists as you wish. Wherever the first opening occurs is where you'll be placed. For example, if you were on the wait list for Dorland, Schafer and ANTC, and Schafer had the first opening, Housing would move you there. We would not move you again if an opening came up in either Dorland or ANTC. Wait lists will be done on a seniority basis, as well, meaning seniors on a list would go before sophomores or freshmen.

How do I know what rooms are available?

Housing will have charts available at the Lottery.

I know of someone who's not coming back next semester, and they've said I can have their room. Does this mean I get that room and don't have to enter the lottery?

No, it does not mean that at all. If you want a new room for next semester enter the lottery and see what's available for you.

WIll Shepard be filled by an application process again?

No.  While it will operate with a focus on communal cooperative living, housing will be assigned in the same way as other buildings.  Those residents currently in a room will be able to exercise squatter’s rights and remain in that room for the next year, provided they have a roommate for next year.  If only one roommate is returning, that person must invite another student to be the roommate for the following year in order to maintain squatter’s rights.  Remaining housing will then be assigned based on class standing and random lottery number.

Will there be theme areas and how will those be done?

We will call for proposals for affinity housing indicating that groups may submit proposals for spaces including 6 person apartments (or a group of two of these in the Village for a total of 12 residents) and Schafer 8 person suites.   The students on the proposal commit to live in that space through their signatures.  The proposals will include their theme or shared interest, how they will use the living space to pursue that interest as a group, any community agreements or expectations they will have and the name of a faculty or staff advisor for their group.  The proposals will go to the Student Life committee for approval and once approved, the group will be given priority in securing an open space and they will then have preference in who fills empty spaces in their living area should that arise.  If the group does not meet the terms of their proposal they will lose their status as a theme area.  They will need to make the campus aware of their theme and if they do not have a large enough group to fill the living area, they can recruit additional members at the housing roommate selection event.

How do I get a single?

There will, of course, be a number of singles available in Village A and B. Otherwise, a limited number are expected to be available for the fall semester. Housing will set aside a select number of rooms, in other dorms, as designated private rooms. Students who have been approved, as of 4/18/08, for "medical privates" will have the first choice of these rooms, which will be guaranteed. No other rooms can be guaranteed as privates, regardless of status, until all incoming students have been placed this summer. However, barring an unforeseen number of enrollees for the fall, most of these rooms designated as singles will likely stay that way. Students who want to apply for a (non-medical) private room other than the designated singles should first select a roommate for next year, then notify Housing that they wish to be placed on the single room waiting list. Once all incoming students for the fall are placed, those on the wait list will be offered any remaining unfilled rooms.

How much is the single room fee for next year?

All single rooms, including "medical singles," will be charged at an extra $700 per semester.

If I want to live in either Eco or Wellness, will there be a separate lottery for these dorms?

No. Available rooms in these dorms will be included in the general lottery.

What do I need to do to get a place in The Village or in Schafer?

First of all, no one who is on any sort of disciplinary probation may live in eiher of these places. Then, if you are not part of an affinity group, those who are eligible for squatters rights may invite anyone to move in that they wish, but those names must be submitted to Housing for verification of non-probationary status. Those who don't reside there currently, but want to for next year, should indicate that they want to be in the lottery then send a separate email to Jon Verner listing the names of those that are part of their group. Any partially-filled, or empty, suites will be made available for selection at the lottery.  Priority in these instances will be given to those who can fill the suites.