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Office: Ogg Administration 202

Phone: 828.771.2048

Email: hr@warren-wilson.edu

Accessing Paycheck Information

All permanent contract employees receive their pay stubs electronically via the CampusWEB login system. You will be able to view current and past pay stubs under your login and password. In the future, you will be able to view up to one year's worth of paychecks!

Do NOT share your Login ID or PIN number with other employees or students. If you do, they will have access to your personal information!

If you have shared your Login ID or PIN number with someone, you must change your PIN number immediately! To change your PIN, click on the "My PIN" option that shows on the left-hand side of the "CampusWEB" login screen.

If you don't know your Login ID or PIN, please contact Alexis Knapp at aknapp@warren-wilson.edu. When contacting her, please write from your Warren Wilson e-mail address so that she can verify your identity.

To find your pay stubs, click on the "Employee" option located on the upper right-hand side of your personal CampusWEB login screen. Then click on "My Paychecks".