Termination of Coverage

Your coverage will end on the earliest of these dates:

If you are absent from work at the Policyholder for any reason, you will continue to be covered for group coverage if the Policyholder contineus to pay premiums to Unum.

Extension of Benefits

Termination of coverage will not affect any benefits payable if Disability began while your long term care insurance was inforce, and continues without interruption after termination. Such extensions of benefits will be limited to the duration of the payment of the Lifetime Maximum Amount.

Continuation of Coverage

You may elect to continue the same coverage you had under the group policy on a direct billing basis, if your group coverage ends. You may not elect to continue coverage if you are not insured under the group policy. You may not elect to continue coverage if your group coverage ended because:

Election for continued coverage must be made within 31 days from:

Your continued coverage will be on a direct billing basis, if your premium is payroll deducted. Your continued coverage:

Your continued coverage will remain in force, as long as you continue timely payment of premium when due. You must pay premium directly to Unum for continued coverage.

The premium rate schedule for continued coverage may change in the future, depending on:

Any such change will be made on a class basis, according to Unum's underwriting risk studies.

Once you have continued your coverage, you can apply at any time to change your continued coverage. To change your coverage, you much contact Unum's home office. You will need to complete the necessary forms, which may include evidence of insurability.