Terms You Should Know

When You See These Words, This is What Unum Means:

"Active Employee" means an employee working for the Policyholder:

"Activities of Daily Living" (ADLs) are:

"Adult Day Care" means a community-based program offering health, social, and related support services to impaired adults. Adult Day Care can be provided by:

"Adult Day Care Facility" means a facility that operates under applicable state licensing laws and any other laws that apply, or meets the following tests:

"Assisted Living Facility" means:

"Disability" and "Disabled" mean:

"Elimination Period" means the number of consecutive days during which you must be Disabled and under the regular care of a Physician before benefits become payable:
If your plan includes Professional Home Care Services, each calender week that you receive at least one day of these services will be counted as seven days towards completing the Elimination Period. However, if you do not receive services for at least one day within a calender week, the Elimination Period will begin again.

If your plan does not include Professional Home Care Services, the entire Elimination Period must be completed while residing in a Long Term Care Facility or an Assisted Living Facility.

"Family Members" means:

"Grace Period" means the 45 days immediately following any premium due date during which premium payment must be made.

"Home Health Care Provider" means:

"Hospice Care" means a formal program of care for terminally ill patients whose life expectancy is less than 6 months, provided on an inpatient basis and directed by a Physician in a Hospice Care Facility that is licensed, certified or registered in accordance with state law.

"Licensed Health Care Practitioner" means any Physician, and any registered professional nurse, licensed social worker, or any other individual who meets such requirements as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

"Lifetime Maximum Amount" means the maximum Umum will pay you all long term care benefits. You have your own Lifetime Maximum Amount.

"Long Term Care Facility" means:

"Physician" means a person who is operating within the scope of his/her license, and is either:

"Professional Home Care Services" means:

"Respite Care" means care provided to you for a short period of time to allow your informal caregiver a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

"Retired Employee" means an employee who has retired from active employment with the Policyholder.

"Severe Cognitive Impairment" means a severe deterioration or loss in intellectual capacity, as reliability measured by clinical evidence and standardized tests in:

"Substantial Assistance" means stand-by assistance by another person without which you would not be able to safely and completely perform the ADL.

"Substantial Supervision" means the presence of another individual for the purpose of protecting you from harming yourself or others.