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Keri Willever


Without a doubt Warren Wilson College has got to be one of the most amazing places on Earth.

I say this without hesitation, as I am a proud 1995 graduate who earned WWC's first degree in Outdoor Leadership.  Many years later I have found myself back on campus, doing a job I absolutely love in the Admission Office. It's never a dull day at WWC or on the road working at college fairs and visiting high schools.  It's wonderful to meet prospective students and their families from all over the country as my territory stretches from Pennsylvania, through the Mid-West, the Dakotas, Rockies, Oregon, Washington & Alaska.

After college I joined the Peace Corps and moved to Ghana, West Africa for almost two years. I lived alone in a remote village with no electricity or running water, working with the local people in a tree nursery.  We grew trees like mango, paw paw and teak as part of an aid program.  I learned the value of a semi-inflated soccer ball, how to patiently wait for a bus for 8 hours and the importance of friendship and laughter from the local children and their families. After the Peace Corps I found myself caretaking at a private zoo in Santa Rosa, California called Safari West. I worked with giraffes and zebras, raised tiny foxes and lemurs, and was once chased by an angry ostrich. From California I went to Albania with a non-governmental organization called Action Against Hunger and worked as a Logistician. I worked with the Kosavars living in a refugee camp in the town of Fier, and also helped build a water pipeline that supplied fresh, clean water to 18 villages. From there I spent time doing more logistics for Outward Bound and Girls on the Move, I worked in the Engineering and Security Department at the beautiful Inn on Biltmore Estate in Asheville and now have come full circle back to Warren Wilson College where I'm an Assistant Director of Admission.

Some of my favorite memories of WWC include learning how to operate a back-hoe while on the landscaping crew, the Chemistry lab and serious nod to Elvis & chickens, vaccinating newborn calves during Christmas break, getting snowed in on campus during the blizzard of '93, camping & rock climbing in Linville Gorge, all of the Outdoor Leadership classes, fighting forest fires, finding pride in the service projects I helped with, and the countless friends I made and continue to keep in touch with around the world.

It seems a popular choice to put favorites... so in no particular order here are just a few of mine....at the moment....
* Movie - Man From Snowy River, Princess Bride & Blazing Saddles
* Restaurant - Chalet-Restaurant de Prafandaz
* Old Country Band  - The Statler Brothers
* Vacation Hot Spots  - Australia and Nicaragua
* Vacation Cold Spot  -  Wisconsin, my home state, go Packers!
* Hiking Trip -  Mt. LeConte in the Smokies, with my family
* Adrenaline Rush  -  Sky diving and skiing
* Funny/Inspirational Man -  Richard Simmons (no seriously!)

Things I'd like to do before I'm 80 (not to be confused with things I did back in the 80's - bad hair and terrible fashion choices for example)....
* Explore Iceland and the mighty fjords of Norway
* Learn to play piano like Bruce Hornsby, and the accordion so I can play lively polkas at international festivals
* Star on TV's Wheel of Fortune with my hilarious sister Katie
* Compete in triathlons - check!

I sincerely look forward to meeting each and every one of you!   If you have absolutely any questions please call or email me anytime, or just ask my parents Bruce & Patricia - they moved from Wisconsin 14 years ago and now work at Warren Wilson College too.