Campus Licensing

The Motorpool issues campus licenses the following days and times;

Licensing Procedures;
Car/Minivan/Pick-up--Applicant should bring their valid state driver license and campus id to the Motorpool during the days and times above.

Golf Carts--The Staff or Faculty member should send an email to '' with the name of the applicant(s).


The applicant should follow the link below for golf carts and read the attached documents. Then once the documents have been read print off the road test and the written test and take the road test to your supervisor and have them give you the test. Then take the written test and bring the road test and the written test to Motorpool along with your campus ID and driver’s license if you have one.

10/14 Passenger Minibus--If the applicant is at least 19 years old and had their state driver license at least 2 years the Staff or Faculty member should send an email to '' with the name of the applicant(s) and their student id. You will then receive an email from Educational and Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc." <> with the location to take the two online driving tests, this will take about 20 minutes. Motorpool will receive a conformation email and send you the name of the person giving you your road test. Print off the road test and work out a time to take the test with the Instructors name we send you. Then once the road test is taken come to Motorpool with your State License and your campus ID.

Thank you,
John V.


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