Advising for Students


Academic Advising

The goal of this page is to explain a little about Academic Advising and Peer Mentoring, the role of your Academic Advisor, and your role as an Advisee.

If you are a freshman, you will be working with a specially assigned first-year academic advisor. If you are a transfer student, your academic advisor will likely be a professor in the major you have declared; if you haven’t yet chosen a major, you will be guided by a professor who advises undeclared transfer students.

During the summer, you will complete a Warren Wilson questionnaire. Through the questionnaire, you will be able to share information about your learning process and academic interests and goals. Your academic advisor will use this information to provide a fuller and more in-depth advising experience.

Each semester your academic advisor will help you to choose classes and to be purposeful about your Triad and community experiences as you move through the worlds of liberal arts exploration, your academic major, work, service, and building community here at the college. The academic advisor’s knowledge of you and of Warren Wilson College can guide you to courses and experiences that will best serve your short- and long-term goals, even as these are evolving.

In the goals of academic advising are stated as follows:

Your academic advisor will be able to help you to make the most of your college career. You, however, are the key player in your life, and in your academic life. As is true in your education as a whole, you will be the driver in the academic advising relationship—the professor is the co-pilot. You will need to be pro-active in your studies, your work, your service, your extra-curricular activities, and your academic advising.

Professional Mentors / Peer Leaders and Mentors

Area Coordinators, Resident Directors and Resident Assistants are integral leaders and mentors to students within Student Life at Warren Wilson College.

Area Coordinators (AC’s)

The Area Coordinator is a full-time live-in staff member responsible for creating a residential environment which supports learning, building community, respecting diversity, promoting environmental citizenship, enhancing wellness, and encouraging responsibility. The Area Coordinator is responsible for supervising a residential area of approximately 160 students, supervising undergraduate RDs and the day-to-day administrative and facility operations, recreational and social programming, mediating conflict and adjudicating conduct issues; crisis management and participation in an on-call emergency rotation. The Area Coordinators report to the director of Housing within Student Life.

Residence Directors (RD’s)

In each dorm, the RD’s primary responsibility is to supervise Resident Assistant(s) (RA’s) and to enhance the development of students as individuals and as members of the community.

Resident Assistants (RA’s)

On each hall, RA’s primary responsibility is to act as a facilitator for the residence hall community and to enhance the development of students as individuals and as members of that community. The RA articulates for students the philosophy and policies of the college. The RA reports directly to a Resident Director (RD) or Area Coordinator (AC).

It is the RD’s and RA’s responsibility to help create a residence hall environment that supports learning, openness, tolerance, respect, and individual responsibility.

First Year Peer Triad Mentors

First Year Peer Triad Mentors are fellow students who will provide guidance and support as you transition through Warren Wilson College towards an integration of your Triad (academics, work and service) and community experiences. They will meet with you both in your first-year seminar groups (known at WWC as peer groups) and individually throughout your freshman year.