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Phy 118, Contemporary Astronomy.  Fall Semester, 2011.

   Short Syllabus

Class schedule and assignments - Fall 2011

MOODLE - on-line quizzes; grade storage

Images from student photo sessions

Deep sky images using Modified Webcam
Planetary Images with WWC telescopes
Lunar Images by WWC Students
Optical Phenomena in the atmosphere 
Total Lunar Eclipse - May, 2003
Total Lunar Eclipse - Nov, 2003
Massive Sunspots - Oct. 29, 2003

Donald F. Collins

Office Hours

Links of Interest:
Stardate - a twice daily radio feature on most NPR radio stations.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Romania expedition from WWC to View Total Solar Eclipse - August, 1999

Earth and Sky - a radio feature and web site - good resource for K-12 teachers

Angle to Polaris and celestial pole

Comparative motion of planets

Planet Tracking Activity - fall 2004

Interactive Textbook Website - Freeman.

Mount Wilson Observatory 

Amateur Astronomer's web site by David Haworth

Binary star and H-R diagram Simulations

Thin lens interactive exercise

The Nine Planets by Bill Arnett - Suggested by Morgan Davis

SEDS - this has many resources on planets, constellations, stars, nebulae, etc

Physics Photo of the Week. - A physics or astronomy photo at WWC of interest to the whole community.