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Web Cam Images of Deep Sky Objects

M13 - The globular cluster in Hercules 
Aug. 24-25, 2002 
Donald F. Collins
M57 - The ring nebula in Lyra 
Photo by Donald Collins on Oct. 1, 2002 
30 frames @ 10 sec
M11 - The Wild Duck cluster.  Photographed by Donald Collins on Sept. 20, 2003 with Meade 8-inch telescope.  Sum of 22 frames.


M15 - A globular cluster in Equeleus.  Photographed by Donald Collins, Oct. 1, 2003, Meade 8-inch telescope.  Sum of about 25 10sec frames.  Partly cloudy skies. M15 - photographed on Dec. 2, 2003. Sum of about 59 images at 20 sec each. Notice more faint stars from the increased exposure, but the loss of detail in the core of the cluster compared with the Oct 1 Photo.


Photos that appear onthis page are the remarkable result of an inexpensive web-cam (Philips Vesta PC690K) that has been modified with inexpensive components to make a low-light astronomical camera.  See QCUIAG website for the modifications.  This is the Steve Chambers' modification.

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