M37 (NGC 2099)

M37 (NGC 2099) Photographed by Donald Collins,
Webcam modified for time exposure, 10 x 10-sec exposures, Meade SCT 200 cm aperture.  Jan. 5, 2002
M37 photographed by Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), by H. B. Richer, et. al.  Essentially three x 5 min images taken through B, V, and R filters.

The image at left is the most recent WWC image (Dec. 29, 2003).  This is photographed using a Canon A60 digital camera looking through the eyepiece of the Meade 20 cm telescope.  Notice the much larger field of view and also the many colors.  The image represents the sum of 56 15sec images.  The glow at the bottom of the image is an artifact.  Parts of the camera sensor are warmer than other parts.  The contrast and the color level has been enhanced through image processing, also enhancing the defects.

A study of NGC 2099 by Kalirai, et. al. (Astronomical Journal 122, pp. 3239-2357, (Dec, 2001) using the CFHT shows the age of the cluster to be about 550 Million years from detection of white dwarfs in the cluster near the limits of the the CCD detection limits - way beyond the webcam limits.  Note the similar color of the webcam image (left) to the CFHT view (right).  Detailed color-magnitude plots made with the CFHT study indicate a definite population of red giants along with bright blue stars.  Further studies with the webcam should be able to show the two populations.

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