Phy 121 Earth, Light, and Sky

Schedule of activities and deadlines - Spring 2006

D. Collins (link to Office Hours)
link to Syllabus

Most Monday and Wednesday evenings for Astronomy Observation/Photo Sessions.  7:30 - 9:00 (later after Spring Break).  Coming to Observation Session for the whole time can be used for an Observation Report.

Even Friday
1. Jan. 17  Syllabus.  Assign Planisphere - complete by Thurs.  Discuss Celestial Sphere
Planisphere homework due.
Lecture Tutorial - Celestial Sphere
Applet: Fendt - Celestial Pole
Read Ch. 14 of Tillery.
Examine Brandon Kelley's photo of Mars.
Lab Assignment: Quadrant and latitude.  Due Tues, Jan 31.
Odd Friday, no class
2. Jan. 24 Choose topics for project.
Seasons - discussion plus tutorial.
Text reading: Ch. 16 pp 398-402;
Optional reading: pp 402-411.
Sun-tracking experiment (Due date is Feb. 7, 2006)
Applet on sun path
Research Proposal Due with prelim Bibliography
Scale of Solar System - Discussion and Tutorial
3. Jan 31  Report due: Quadrant and latitude.
Size and scale of Universe - Ch 14.
 - Photos
 - Tutorial
Moon.  Phases, orbit, etc. Read Ch. 16: pp. 411-419
Applet on lunar phases - work until you get it correct consistently.

In-class tutorial.

Begin Research Project Data Collection
Conferences regarding projects and scheduling
Odd Friday, no class

4. Feb. 7  Report due: Sun-tracking experiment.
Motion.  Newton I.  Video analysis.
Motion Experiments Cart N Rider, Thrust
Analyze the video experiments.
Research Proposal due.  See on-line guidelines.
Exam I - Review outline

Note: Monday, Feb. 13, Sigma Xi Lecture, 7:00 pm Canon.  Dr. Stephen Kress on Puffins.  No sky viewing.  Come to Sigma Xi, write a short summary, and make-up an absence.
5. Feb. 14   Discuss Cart N Rider, Thrust
Class Tutorial on Newton I and II
Second set of video motion experiments:
a) Free fall and gravitational accel.

Preliminary data results for research project due.
Video experiments due: Cart N Rider, Thrust.
View the Can Crush Video
Analyze the Ball Drop Video.  Report due on Thursday, Feb. 23.
Tutorial on Free Fall

Odd Friday, no class
6. Feb. 21
Film a third experiment: Rider Cart Reaction and Inertial Mass.  Report due Feb. 28.
Video Experiment due: Free Fall for Golf Ball and Bowling Ball
Begin Earth Science:  Density.
Archimedes Principle
Structure of earth and planets
7. Feb. 28  Video Experiment due: Rider Cart Reaction
Earth formations - continental drift, earthquakes, volcanoes
Peer Tutorial
Second round of data results due.  Bibliography from books, journals, and Internet with credentials is due. 
Deadline for Rider Cart Reaction - allowed for confusion.
Geology Slide Show Flat and Folded Strata
Grand Teton Orogeny
Tutorial on mountain forming
Odd Friday, no class
8. Mar.7 Density report due.
Volcanoes, Mountain formation (cont'd)
Earthquakes, tsunami
Sideling Hill, MD; 2nd Photo;
Landsat photos

Review for exam.
Begin discussion of Universal Gravitation.
Exam II - review on-line.
Spring break
Spring Break
Spring Break
9. Mar. 21Applets:
Trajectory (PhET)
Newton's Cannon
Electric Forces analog to gravity forces - Physics 2000
Gravity simulation - Casco
Activity guide - Gravity and Orbits - (report due Tues, Mar. 28.)
Analysis of Video for ball toss.

Odd Friday, no class
10. Mar. 28  Report due: Gravity and Orbits.
Planet tracking and planetary motion
In-class peer tutorial
Review retrograde and prograde motion
Begin Light and Color. Tillery pp 182-187
Discuss and demonstrate reflection and refraction of light.
Peer Tutorial
Review Law of refraction and reflection
Adding colors.  Class activity
Color mixing applet - jdiesen
Old applet MsState. - would not work in Mar, 2006
Peer Tutorial
11. Apr. 4 Planet Tracking Report Due.
Finish Color - Spectra of atomic discharge
Solar spectra.
Three kinds of spectra:  1- emission; 2-continuous; 3-absorption.  See notes and discussion.
Peer Tutorial - spectra and lenses
Final data results due. (8 weeks after start)
Simple Telescope and Lenses  - Report due Apr. 11.
Odd Friday, no class
12. Apr. 11  Simple Telescope Report due
Light and temperature
Peer tuturial
Review for exam

Exam III
13. Apr. 18Luminosity vs. color for star clusters Research report draft due
Peer Tutorial - Hertzsprung Russell, Cluster ages, Color index
Finish Luminosity vs. color

Odd Friday, no class
14. Apr. 25 Report due: Luminosity vs. color.
  Electrostatics demonstrations with Van de Graaf generator, balloons, etc.
How lightning rods work
PhET Simulation - balloon and sweater

April 27.
Begin Electric circuits, switches, and connections.
Cranking I activity.
Play with other simulations from PhET.

Review circuits.
Play with other simulations from PhET.
  Peer Tutorial.
Electric current and voltage;
Cranking II activity.
PhET Circuit Construction Simulation
15. May 2  Cranking I report due.
Cranking II activity - voltage, current, resistance
Final Research Report due
Tutorial on Voltage and current.
Cyclones and coriolis effects - Video Demo
Videos available on G:\classes\physics\videos

Odd Friday, no class
16. May 9 Cranking II report due
Exam IV.
May 12. No Class - Term over