Animated Cloud Spill

Animated photo of the cloud spill

This animation consists of 10 distinct images, taken one every 10 sec and played back with a 0.2 sec delay.  This speeds up the motion by a factor 50 times.  In other words the 100 sec time lapse of the original sequence is played in 2 sec.  The loop is repeated.

Notice how the fog evaporates as it descends down the slope on the near side.  This is due to the heating of the air containing the fog as it is warmed by compression at the lower altitudes.

Technical details:  The digital camera was set to a 3x zoom and used a 1600x1200 resolution.  The fog was estimated to be 4 miles distant from the photographer.  The image is highly cropped to "zoom" into the feature.  The animation frames are also highly reduced in size to preserve data size.  The 10 individual frames were combined to form an animated image using tools in StarOffice 7.  Donald F. Collins