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Warren Wilson College

May 12, 2005

Student Web Pages

This photo by Jesenia Mejias shows iron filings above two magnets exhibiting the three dimensional effects of magnetic fields near magnets.  Read further about this in the link to Jesenia's web page below.  Also please examine the other students' publications on the web.

Each semester, students in the Physics Class at Warren Wilson College write a formal report on a physics concept for the general public to read.  The students have worked very hard on these projects, composed their own drawings, and published their reports on the World Wide Web.

Hannah Barks - The Photoelectric Effect
David Berntsen - The Photoelectric Effect
Jesenia Mejias -Magnetic Effects
Christopher Sterling - Sound Spectra
Rachel Smith - Simple Harmonic Motion
Clay Wilburn - Magnetic Deflection
Jimmy Stultz - Superconductors
Leslie Knapp - Diffraction and Interference
Amber Boles - Speed of Sound
Anna Chollet - Mass-Lifter Engine
Jesse Downs -Blackbody Radiation

Tessa Branson - Slit Diffraction

George Keel - Speed of Light

This is the last regular Physics Photo of the Week for the semester.  Regular weekly publications will resume once classes start again in late August, 2005.  In the meantime, other interested readers are invited to submit their own digital photographs of any physical phenomenon.  Please send photos to my e-mail address:  Be sure to remove the "NoSpam" from my address.

Have a wonderful summer break!

Physics Photo of the Week is published weekly during the academic year on Fridays by the Warren Wilson College Physics Department.  These photos feature an interesting phenomena in the world around us.  Students, faculty, and others are invited to submit digital (or film) photographs for publication and explanation.  Atmospheric phenomena are especially welcome.  Please send any photos to

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