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March 30, 2007

Crescent Moon and Earthshine
Crescent MoonOn December 18, 2006 I photographed this fantastic Moon rise from near Warren Wilson College.  The amazing feature about the Moon's appearance is the glow of the dark part of the moon.  This is called Earthshine - caused by light reflected from the Earth that reaches the Moon.  Think of Moonshine on Earth - a similar phenomenon in which the Earth's night side is illuminated by light from the Moon.  (See PPOW for April 22, 2005).

Question:  What causes the crescent shape as seen here?  (select one:)

A) the Moon lies partly in the Earth's shadow.

B) We see mostly the dark side of the Moon because of the position of the Sun.

C)  The moon has rotated its dark side to face the Earth.

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