Physics Photo of the Week

May 18, 2007

Student Web Pages

Each semester the students in the physics class at Warren Wilson College write a report and publish it on the Internet to be available to the public.  All these students have composed drawings to illustrate the topic of their choice.

Lauren Baker
The Greenhouse Effect

Cara Berkowitz
Einstein and Brownian Motion

Daniel Dayton
Black Holes

Laura Foulke

Will Franklin
Blue Stragglers

Helena French
Black Holes

Forrest Heacock
Magnetic Levitation

Patrick Hurley

Kopano Mmalane
Star Formation

Chris Nelson
X-Ray Crystallography

Kyle Peters

Jesse Phillips

Daniel Sockwell
Cataclysmic Variable Stars

Franklin Stone
Mass Spectrometry

Due to summer break, this is the final Physics Photo of the Week until classes resume in late August, 2007.  Everyone have a good summer!

Physics Photo of the Week is published weekly during the academic year on Fridays by the Warren Wilson College Physics Department.  These photos feature an interesting phenomena in the world around us.  Students, faculty, and others are invited to submit digital (or film) photographs for publication and explanation.  Atmospheric phenomena are especially welcome.  Please send any photos to

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