Physics Photo of the Week

December 19, 2007
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Each semester the students in the physics class at Warren Wilson College write a report about one of the experiments of the class.  They publish it on the Internet to be available to the public.  All these students have composed drawings to illustrate the topic of their choice.  If you see these students please let them know how you appreciate their report!

One-Dimensional Motion
Laura French

Fan Cart There and Back
Christine Hulburt

Centripetal Force
Ana Poirier

Inertial Mass
Clayton Hollifield

Charles Bauman-Smith

Gravity and Projectile Motion
Brendan Kelley

Ryan Morra

Pitching and Bowling
Chelsea Peterson

Fan Cart Fun
Delaney Burke

Gravitational and Inertial Mass
Emily Holzer

Lyn Rutherford

Fan Cart
Meg Phillips

Centripetal Force
Kylie Krauss

Circular Motion
Abbi Sims

Veronica Anderson

Josh Rosenberg

Wheatstone Bridge
John Flowers

Fancart Thrust
Amy Peddie

Momentum, Impulse, and Collisions
Mandy Monroe

Sam Clary

Wheatstone Bridge
Stephanie Thompson

Circular Motion
Ted Risberg

Jodi Ferrell

Momentum and Impulse
Franklin Stone

Push Cart
Kyle Fuller

Fan Cart and Acceleration
Amy Witt

Measuring Inertial Mass
Jennifer Donovan

This is the last Phyiscs Photo of the Week for 2007 due to Winter Break.  The next PPOW will be published on Friday, January 25, 2008.  Have a wonderful Christmas!

Physics Photo of the Week is published weekly during the academic year on Fridays by the Warren Wilson College Physics Department.  These photos feature an interesting phenomena in the world around us.  Students, faculty, and others are invited to submit digital (or film) photographs for publication and explanation.  Atmospheric phenomena are especially welcome.  Please send any photos to

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