Physical Science Activity Schedule - Winter/Spring 2005

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Tuesday Thursday Friday
1. 1-18  Lab: Pitching speed   (motion day 1)
due: Tuesday, Feb. 1; 
Read Prologue and Ch. 1 in Hewitt for Thursday.

 1-20. (Motion day 2) Activity: Bowling Ball Motion

Spreadsheet analysis for pitching speed.
Journal questions - journal due Tuesday, Jan. 25.

 1-21 odd Friday - no class
2.  Jan. 25 full moon
Journal questions due.
Spreadsheet lab for pitching speed
New Activity:  Echolocator, Force, fan carts - No report, but Journal entry.
Jan. 27  Pitching Report Due.
Discuss Newton II. 
Video of Falling Balls and People
Journal questions due Tues, Feb 1.
Jan.  28 
Elevators and Forces.
3.  Feb. 1 Journal questions week 2 due.
discuss Elevators and Forces.
Newton III. Read Text to page 53.
Feb. 3  Falling Balls report due.
Journal questions due Tues. Feb. 8.
Begin Astronomy
Celestial Sphere Text: pp. 815 - 819
Web sites:
Celestial Sphere Reference 1
Celestial Sphere Reference 2
Applet - Walter Fendt

In Class Tutorial
Feb. 4 odd Friday - no class
4.  Feb. 8 [Astronomy viewing Sunday, Feb. 6 - 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  Bring planisphere.
Viewing was attennuated.  We saw Saturn in telescope, then nothing but clouds.  Those present earned 1/2 class period attendance.]
Journal questions due.

Practice with planisphere - Journal questions on handout due Feb. 15, but will be included on Exam I.
Feb. 10 Structure of universe and sizes
Powers of 10
Activity: relative sizes

Review for Exam
Feb. 11  Exam I
5.  Feb. 15  Journal questions for week 4 due.

Earth-Moon System

Journal questions - week 5 (due Feb 22)
Feb. 17 Research topic, bibliography (three types of resources), and summary paragraph due.

Planet tracking.  Saturn, 2003-04, and 2004-05 
This is a written assignment which is due Feb. 24.  The written assignment must answer the questions in this link.

Plan on observing Sunday, Feb. 20, 7:00 pm.  (Weather announcement will be e-mailed at about 4:00 pm Sunday)
Feb. 18 odd Friday - no class
6.  Feb. 22 Journal questions for week5 due.
Solar Tracking experiment. (This is done early to take advantage of sunny day).  Solar tracking report will be due Thursday, Mar. 3.

Feb. 24  Finish Planet tracking and discuss.  Note change in schedule.  Planet tracking report due Thursday, March. 3. 

Journal questions - week 6 (due Tuesday, March 1)
Special Lecture at 7:30 pm in Jensen 308:
Dr. Brian Dennison on "Interstellar Mysteries adn a Radio Interferometer at PARI".  Attend this lecture, write a half-page summary, and receive 5% bonus points on any exam.  Summary must be received by March 3 (e-mail preferable).
Feb. 25 Astronomy Day 8. Finish Astronomy. (Sunday night viewing at 7:00 pm will be attempted each sunday throughout the course until we are successful!)  Research photo sessions will also continue - watch for announcements.
7.  Mar. 1  Sun tracking results

Begin electricity.  Electrostatics.  Charges, forces.
Lightning, lightning rods.  Read Ch. 9 to page 213.
Week 6 Journal Due.
Mar. 3  2 reports due: 1. Planet Tracking report due.   The written assignment must answer the questions in this link.
2.  Solar Tracking report.
Electronic summary of radio astronomy lecture for bonus due.

Electric Circuits.  "Cranking I activity"  - Written report due Mar. 10.
Read Ch. 9 to end.
Journal questions for Week 7 (due Mar. 8)
Mar. 4  odd Friday - no class

Astro viewing Sunday, Mar. 8 7:00 PM - weather permitting.  (This is our 4th attempt!)
8.  Mar. 8 Week 7 Journal due.

Begin Cranking II.
Mar. 10  Written report for Cranking I due.
Mar. 11 Exam II - Review on-line
Spring Break

9.  Mar. 22 - no journal due.  Note first draft of research topic due Thursday.
Textbook reading ch. 9.
Cranking II - voltage, current, resistance.
Mar. 24 Research topic first draft due.  Must include references to three types of media.

Discuss Ohm's Law: Voltage, current, resistance.  Power: Voltage, current, watts.  HW Problems: Ch 9:  (page 232) Probs 6, 7, 8, 10.  Due with the Cranking II report
Allow time to finish Cranking II.
Mar. 25  odd Friday - no class
10.  Mar. 29 Week 9 Journal due.
End electricity.
Mar. 31 Report due - Cranking II.  Problems ch. 9 due.

Begin Light.  Reflection/refraction of light.
Journal questions on Reflection/refraction.
Apr. 1 No class due to Sunday viewing, March. 6
11.  Apr. 5  Week 10 Journal due.
Simple telescope.  Report due on Thursday, Apr. 14.
Apr. 7  Journal Questions week 11 (due April 12)
Apr. 8  odd Friday - no class
12. Apr. 12 Week 11 Journal due.
Activity - Visual Threshold.  Report due April 21.
Apr. 14 Finish light and color.  Simple Telescope report Due.
Apr. 15 Exam III
13. Apr. 19 Color Mixing - no report but journal questions due April 26. - not assigned.
Text read ch. 12 espec. pp 286 - 296

Apr. 21 Research Project due - final copy
Visual Threshold Report due.
Begin weather - Relative Humidity and Baro Press
Apr. 22  odd Friday - no class
14. Apr. 26 No journal was assigned. 
Text: Ch. 31. 32
Finish Rel. Hum and Baro. Press.
Understanding Rel. Humidity..
New journal due May 3.
Apr. 28  Report due: Relative Humidity and Baro Pressure.
Activity: Global Air Circulation. I and II.  (no report)

Demo Coriolis effect.  See PPOW for Sept. 25, 2004
Apr. 29  Class meets.
Global Satellite Images - whole earth
Global Satellite Images - many choices
Ch. 11, "Waves and Sound"
Activity: Sound and Vibrations
Lab: Oscilloscope, Sound, and Speed of Sound - Lab report on Speed of Sound in Pipes (due May 5)

Journal questions for sound. (week 15)
15. May 3 Journal due for Week 14.
Finish Oscilloscope and sound.
May 5 Journal due for Week 15.
May 6  odd Friday - no class
16. May 10 Report due: Speed of Sound in Pipes

Review Barograph 2005
Review Longitudinal waves - Applet

May 12.  Exam IV - review on-line.
May 13.  No classes