Directions for loading LOGGER PRO on  any campus computer (Windows only). 

  1.  First go to G: drive on my computer.
  2. Then go to classes, and then go to logger_pro folder. (some computers may not have classes folder.  If your computer does not have a G:\classes folder you will have to use the explorer tools to Map Network Drive).
  3. Then inside logger_pro folder you will find another folder with the current version of Logger Pro.
  4. Once inside the appropriate logger_pro folder, launch LoggerPro.
  5. After the program is opened go to file option on the left corner and click open file and open my computer again, and navigate to the directory on the server where you have stored your data file.

If you live off-campus, or housing does not have campus network access, bring a flash drive or CD rom to me and I will give you a legal copy of Logger Pro which you can install in your own computer, but only while you are enrolled in Physics..